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Political Science
Christopher Cochrane

Chapter 1 Approaching the Study of PoliticsThe Political System Empirical beliefs vs normative beliefsThe way thinks are vs the way things should be A political issue is an issue that involves a decision on the part of a collectivity to act or not to act in a particular manner A private issue is claimed to be resolved in the private or voluntary sectorsseparately functioned from the gvnt The public sector is the part of the economy operatedfinanced by the gvntsome action must be taken from the gvntPower the ability of one actor to impose its will on another to get its own way to do or get what it wants There are 3 different kinds of power 1Coercion the agent person group org is able to impose its will on others by using or threatening physical force and other forms of punishment oPeople obey out of fear of the consequences from disobedience2Authority power is based on legitimacyoThe agent can impose its will on others bc they have the right to do sooPower comes from a respected sourceeasy to agree onoAcceptance of an obligation to obey3Influence imposition of ones will on another through persuasion and involuntary compliancewo any threats Government is the set of organizations that make enforce and administer collective public decisions for a society oWe obey because of the threat or expectations of penalties 1oWe obey mostly bc we accept gvnt decisionshelps the general good 2 People in the gvnt have power Three kinds of government powerLegislative power power to create laws and public policiesExecutive power power to enforce laws and administer public policiesJudicial power the power to interpret the lawMost of these powers are exercised by diff branches of the gvntthe legislature or Parliament the executive or Prime Minister and Cabinet and the courtsThe connections between the gvnt and society are numerous and complex Systems theorycreates a dynamic circular neverending process David EastonThe core is the political system containing the legislature the executive and the judiciary etc
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