POLA51 Chapter 2 Brooks Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
James Mc Allister

POLA51 Chapter 2 NotesPolitical socialization is a continuous learning process involving both emotional learning and manifest political indoctrination it is the process of induction into the political culture Agents of political socializationFamilySchoolPeersfriends acquaintancesMass mediaReligion political parties groups corporations governmentsIdeology A set of interrelated beliefs about how society is organized and how it ought to function Ideologies spills beyond the boundaries of politics to embrace beliefs and judgments about other social relationships including economic onesCentre the mainstream of a societys politics and those occupy this location on the political spectrum are likely to view themselves as being nonideological and pragmatic Oppose abortion samesex and assisted suicide Libertarians believe that individuals should be allowed the largest possible margin of freedom in all realms of life including those that involve moral choicesLiberals of CanadaRight Wings individualistic belief systems They believe that the welfare of society is best promoted by allowing individuals to
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