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Political Science

Karen GomezRevisedSummary for Week 9 November 9 ReadingsFederalism Political Parties and the burden of National Unity Still Making Federalism Do the Heavy LiftingH BakvisB TanguayChapter 6 seeks to explore the role of political parties in the question of national unity Exploring the questions of whether there is a possibility of parties playing a more active role in terms of the national unity what are reasonable expectations and if the development of political parties in the 1960s and 1970s is still relevantWhat is the importance of political partiesThe main function they serve is that of representation but they are also a candiate pool to those who will end up making decisions and setting the policy agenda For instance the few seats won in Quebec all went to the Cabinet for regional representation but had they gotten more candidates elected in the region it is unlikely that the same would have been picked A partiesBased Theory of FederalismIn Canada there are three aspects to partiesbased theory of Federalism The first is federal bargain by Ricker who argued that the level of symmetryasymmetry in a federation determined the nature of the federal bargain and whether the nation in question was centralized or decentralized The second aspect is the int
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