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Political Science
Daniel Lee

Aristotles concept of citizenship in Book III of the Politics is remarkable for the categories of people he excludes rather than includes from membership in the political community Who is not a citizen in Aristotles theory of the political community Does Aristotle give compelling reasons why such persons should be excludedWho is not a citizen Here too there is no unanimity no agreement as to what constitutes a citizen it often happens that one who is a citizen in a democracy is not a citizen an oligarchy Aristotle The Politics IIIi 1275a2 Nor does mere residence in a place confer citizenship resident foreigners and slaves are not citizens but do share domicile in the country Aristotle The Politics IIIi 1275a2 Another definition is those who have access to legal processes who may prosecute or be prosecuted But this access is open to any person who is covered by a commercial treatyat any rate partially open for a resident foreigner is in many places obliged to appoint a patron so that not even this degree of participation is open to him unqualifiedly Aristotle The Politics IIIi 1275a2 Likewise boys not yet old enough to be enrolled and old people who have retired from duty must be termed citizens in a sense but only with the addition of not fully or superannuated Aristotle The Politics IIIi 1275a2 Who is a citizen What we are looking for is the citizen proper without any defect needing to be
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