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Political Science
R Rice

MohantyUnder Western Eyes Feminist Scholarship and Feminist Discourseits use by feminist women of color in the US to describe the appropriation of their experiences and struggles by hegemonic white womens movement colonization has been used to characterize everything from the most evident economic and political hierarchies to the production of a particular cultural discourseabout what is called the Third World However sophisticated or problematical its use as an explanatory construct colonization almost invariably implies a relation of structural domination and a supressionoften violentof the heterogeneity of the subjects in question What I wish to analyze is specifically the production of the Third World Woman as a singular monolithic subject in some recent Western feminist texts The definition of colonization I wish to invoke here is a predominantly discursive one focusing on a certain mode of appropriation and codification of scholarship and knowledge about women in the third world by particular analytic categories employed in specific writings My concern about such writings derives from my own implication and investment in contemporary debates in feminist theory and the urgent political necessity especially in the age of Reagan of forming strategic coalitions across class race and national boundaries Clearly Western feminist discourse and political practice is neither singular nor homogeneous in its goals interests or analysesThese limitations are evident in the construction of the implicitly consensual priority of issues around which apparently all women are expected to organizeThus feminist s
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