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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 8Social Stratification Canadian and Global Perspectives Patterns of Social InequalityShipwrecks and Inequality Inequality has many interrelated dimensions including class sex and raceShipwrecks good example people become guinea pigs where class does not existRaises the question what are the sources of social inequality Economic Inequality in CanadaEverything has its price money is powerTrade and selling of body parts flourishing especially in IndiaPoor sell their parts the rich buyPoor cant afford the surgery in the US for transplants Materialism found everywhere in modern societyCanadian families make greater income now than in 50sFamilies have 2 earners still prospect to buy a house and not have bank owning most of it is a struggleIncome inequality exampleDivide people in to groups in class by who earns how much These groups are called quintilesEqual distribution would be if each group earns 20Unequal distribution if top group earns 100Income inequality has widened more in other countries than CanadaCanada a welfare state takes from the rich gives to the poor robin hood Explanations of Income InequalityTraces back to what kind of work a person is able to obtain Natural talent effort and most important educationKey to successLikely to advance in education in born into a family with educationHuman capital the sum of useful skills and knowledge that an individual possesses Human capital theory stresses increasing centrality of education as a factor affecting economic success Physical capital investment in industrial plants and equipmentHuman capital investment in education and trainingLink between schooling and incomesSocial capital refers to the networks or connections that individuals possessCultural capital is the stock of learning and skills that increases the chance of securing a superior jobimpression management ability to impress others
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