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Ch 2 textbook notes

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Sheldon Ungar

CHAPTER 2 HOW SOCIOLOGISTS DO RESEARCH Science and ExperienceBiggest prob of socioexperience filters perceptionsThe filter occurs in4 stagesvaluestheoriesprevious researchmethodsREALITYValues help decide which probs are worth investigating values reflect typical view of our class race gender region historical period etcValues cause us to formulateadopt favoured theories for interpretingexplaining those probsInterpretation influenced by previous research which we look at to find out what we already know abt a subjectMethods we use to gather data shape our perceptions the shape of our tools help determine which bits of reality we dig upTherefore we can never perceive society in a pure or objective form since the things above filter our perceptionsThus we use certain techniques of data collection to minimize biasor identifydescribe filters tht influence our perception to eliminate the sources of biases also helps others see biases we misscan try correct themresult more accurate perception of reality than what is yielded from blind prejudice or common senseSociologists try to be objective to perceive reality as clearly as possiblefollow rules of scientif methoddesign data collection techniques to minimize biasSources of creativityvaluespassions growing out of personal experienceObjectivityreality check subjectivitydefine which aspects of reality are worth checking on in the first place Scientific versus Unscientific ThinkingScience seeing is believing develop ways of collecting observingthinking about evidence tht minimize chance of drawing biased conclusionsEveryday life biases easily influence obsv making us draw incorrect conclusions abt what we see 1 Knowledge based on tradition2 Knowledge based on authority 3 Knowledge based on casual observation 4 Knowledge based on overgeneralization 5 Knowledge based on selective observation 6 Knowledge based on qualification exception 7 Knowledge based on illogical reasoning based on reoccurrence of events 8 Knowledge based on egodefence 9 Knowledge based on premature closure of inquiry 10 Knowledge based on mystification associate supernaturalunobservable forces with phenomenon Conducting Research The Research Cycle contains 6 steps 1 Formulate research question a Must be stated in a way such tht it can be answered by systematically collectinganalyzing sociological data require evidence not things like faith 2 Review existing research literaturea Elaborate research question based on what other sociologists have already discoveredstimulates researchers sociological imagination allowing them to refine initial qsprevent duplication 3 Select a research method
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