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Sheldon Ungar

Sociological Perspective: Suicide: antisocial or non-social act Is condemned by nearly everyone in the society Private Comparatively rare Emile Durkheim - Suicide is not only the results of psychology disorder, but social force also strongly influence suicide rates - Psychological disorder rate & suicide rates are not vary directly  Psychological disorder occurred most frequently in adulthood whereas suicide rate increase steadily with age. - Suicide rate varies because of the difference in the degree of social solidarity in different categories of the population. E.g. Increase the degree to which group members share beliefs & values Increase frequently & intensely they intact The more social solidarity the group exhibits Social solidarity, increase firmly anchored individuals are to the social world Decrease likely for them to take their own like adversity SO high-solidarity groups have lower suicide rate Altruistic suicide: suicide in high-solidarity E.g. soldiers give up their lives to protect comrades Egoistic suicide: poor integration of people into society because of weak social ties to others E.g. unemployment Anomic suicide: when vague norms govern behavior E.g. increase among people living in a society lacking a widely shared cade of morality In Canada, there are more youth to commit suicide Because fewer young people to attend religious servicesno strong social bonds Unemployment increased The rate of divorce increased The level of social solidarity is lower than before Less firmly rooted in the society Less likely to share moral standards SO th
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