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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Compass 1 Chap 14 Politics 2 Chap 16 Religion 3 Chap 22 Technology and Global Environment 4 Chap 7 Deviance and Crime Mapping 1 Chap 24 Domhoff Who Rules America 2 Chap 35 Mills Power Elite 3 Chap 44 Weber Protestant Ethic 4 Chap 46 Shorto Faith at Work 5 Chap 19 Rosenhan Sane in Insane Places 6 Chap 21 Draus and Carlson Down on Main StreetCHAP 7 DEVIANCE AND CRIME Summarized story Canadian Attitudes Toward CrimeSociety obsessed with crimewatch many crime based tv showsKnowing if someone broke the law tell us about his or her moral characterHeros today were once criminals ex Nelson Mandela Gandhi Although they were trying to protect their people and country they still went against the legal system to achieve their goal went to jailSummarized film Paradise NowFilm is critical of suicide bombingSaidKhaled typical 20something garbage mechanics best friend live in Palestinian city typical suicide bombers who was in rage of getting revengeDeviance involves breaking a normoEx being the only man in a university class full of women is NOT deviantBut using the womens bathroom when you are a man IS deviant This is because it is a violation of an accepted rule of behaviourInformal punishment mild form of punishment It may involve people raising eyebrows gossiping about you ostracism isolation shaming stigmatization labelled because of a factor Stigmatized people are negatively evaluated because of a marker that distinguishes them from othersoEx John Lie author had a Korean name he attended a Japanese school and was stigmatized and bullied as a child He was normal in every way but was thought as deviant due to his nameFormal punishment punishment enforced by government bodies judicial system penalizes someone for breaking a lawoEx serving jail time for murderJohn Hagen a sociologist who classifies various types of deviance and crime along three dimensions1Severity of the social reponse at one extreme homicideother very serious forms of deviance result in the most severe negative reactions like life imprisonment other end of spectrum some people may do little more than express mild disapproval of slight deviation from a norm such as wearing a nose ringthe response that the society gives and the severity of it2Perceived harmfulness deviant acts such as sexual assault are seen very harmful but tattooing is seen as harmless Coca cola got its name from cocaine in the earlier days when it wasnt seen as harmful Now cocaine is an illegal drug because peoples perception of its harmfulness changed 3Degree of public agreement whether we society classify an incident or deviant act as an accident or manslaughter depends on the kind of worker safety legislation in existenceoEx newborn Innuits were killed if everyone agreed because they would use of a lot of resources Murder was always seen as a crime but before Innuits had a different perspective thus is action was not punishable Marijuana similarly some thought smoking it is a crime but others thought that it is helpful as a therapeutic value Some societies have more stringent harsh worker safety rules than others do and deaths considered accidental in some societies are classified as criminal offences in others When organized sporting events include acts of violence that result in physical injury it can be controversial whether a crime has occurred So we see that even when it comes to consensus crimes social definitions are variable Hagens Analysis4 types of deviance and crime1Social Diversions minor acts of deviance such as dying your hair purple People usually perceive such acts as harmless2Social Deviations more serious acts large number of people agree that its deviant and somewhat harmful They are usually subject to institutional sanction authorize oEx John Lie high school in Hawaii had a rule making long hair on boys a fairly serious deviation punished by a humiliating public haircut3Conflict crimes deviant acts that the state defines as illegal but whose definition is controversial in the wider society oEx Tsar Peter the Great of Russia wanted to Westernize and modernize his empire he viewed long beards as a sign of backwardness He imposed a fine on beards in the form of tax Manydisagreed with this policy others agreed that growing long beards harmed Russia because itsymbolized Russias past rather than future Because of this disagreement in the wider society thabout the harmfulness of the practice wearing a long beard in late 17 century Russia can be classified as a conflict crime4Consensus crimes the vast majority of people agree that such crimes should be met with severe punishment
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