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Down on Main Street

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Mc Kinon

DOWN ON MAIN STREET Paul Draus Robert G. Carlson One type of social deviance, according to sociologists, is crime. If deviance is the violation of a social norm, then a crime is the violation of social norms that have been made into laws. Introduction: Small-Town America, Social Networks, and Substance Abuse Rural poverty is a persistent social fact. While the city environment is often characterized by a higher degree of anonymity and more liberal attitudes toward individual behavior, the small town is presumed to possess a level of unavoidable intimacy, in which the individual is constantly confronted with the familiar. Some scholars have proposed that high degrees of network interconnection and reciprocity, or social capital have an inverse effect on levels of crime and high-risk health behaviors, including illegal drug abuse. Small towns are symbolically equated with the presence of high social capital, with imagined geographies of reciprocal care and control. They are often the unstated norm that the deviant inner city is defined against. The moral geography of small towns is idealized, and deviant behaviors such as illicit drug dealing and using are defined as essentially out of place. Like inner-city neighborhoods in the wake of deindustrialization, rural communities may suffer from the long-term effects of the farm crisis, the collapse of other traditional industries such as logging or mining, and accompanying losses of jobs and population. Illegal drugs are one corollary of rural-urban connectedness, and the transmission of drug behaviors reflects the shared strains and desires of cities and small towns. www.notesolution.com
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