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Chapter 7

SOCA02 textbook notes for chapter 7 - crime and deviance

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 7 Deviance and Crime Canadian Attitudes Toward Crime Canadians aged bw 18 and 49 are targeted to watch criminal and medical dramas than any other type of program Crime indicates a technical violation of the criminal law The Social Definition of Deviance and Crime Types of Deviance and Crime Deviance: occurs when someone departs from a norm o A violation of an accepted rule of behavior Informal punishment: involves a mild sanction that is imposed during face-to-face interaction, not be the judicial system o May involve raised eyebrows, gossip, ostracism, shaming, or stigmatism Stigmatized: when people are negatively evaluated because of a marker that distinguishes them from other and this labeled as socially unacceptable Formal punishment: takes places when the judicial system penalizes someone for breaking a law 3 dimensions of deviance and crime o Severity of the social response homicide and other very serious forms of deviance results in the most severe negative reactions Some people may do little more than express mild disapproval of slight deviations from a norm, such as wearing a nose wearing o Perceived harmfulness of the deviant or criminal act some deviant acts such as sexual assault are generally seen as very harmful while others such as tattooing are commonly regarded as harmless o Degree of public agreement whether an act should be considered deviant 4 types of deviance and crime www.notesolution.com
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