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Chapter 1

SOCB05H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: The Foundations, Nomothetic, Dependent And Independent Variables

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Katherine Stuart

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Chapter 1 - Human Inquiry and Science
Knowledge is based on agreement; ex. People in china speak Chinese
The second question makes it concrete(when we know what is real)
Looking for reality
Something is considered real when there is logical and empirical
Epistemology – science of knowing
Methodology – science of finding out
Ordinary Human Inquiry
Humans use cause and effect as a way of indication outcomes (high
education = high paying job)
These ideas can be probabilistic because the effect occur more than
when causes are absent
We need to distinguish between predictions and understandings
If we understand the meaning behind something it makes our
predictions stronger
“everybody knows” we agree on something because we learn it from
It hinders to be a problem because if someone tries to seek a fresh
understanding of something they may look like fools
Acceptance depends on status of the discoverer ( believe a medical
researcher over your uncle)
Can be a problem because things change over time and mistakes are
Both ways helps us gain an understanding and knowledge (starting
point of inquiry)
Errors in Inquiry and Some solutions
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