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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

CHAPTER 9: 'It's Part of the Game': Physicality and the Production of Gender in Women's Hockey − professional sport remains largely a male preserve in which the majority of opportunities and rewards go to men − in other contexts, including school and university sport and international competitions, including most notably the Olympics, opportunities for women are expanding, performances are improving, and public interest is rising − these developments pose a challenge to ideologies of gender and to the historical association between gender, physicality, and power − a particularly significant challenge to gender ideologies is the increased involvement of women in sports that Bryson calls 'flag carriers' of masculinity − these are sports that 'quintessentially promote hegemonic masculinity and to which a majority of people are regularly exposed' − in the North American context, the best examples are football and ice hockey − in these sports, which celebrate force and toughness and involve direct confrontation between competitors, it is 'dominate or lose' Playing the Game: The Construction of Women's Hockey − the rules of play in men's and women's ice hockey are substantially the same, with one major difference: the rules on women's hockey prohibit intentional body checking – that is, intentional effort to hit, or 'take out', an opposing player − to be sure, there is still considerable use of the body and body contact in women's hockey, both intentional and unintentional − to watch a game is to see players constantly try to outmanoeuvre and outmuscle one another − at the same time, women's games are noticeably different from the full-contact game played at the higher levels of the men's sport Conclusion: Women’s Hockey and the Challenge to Masculine Hegemony - suggestions that a ‘problem’ with body checking is that girls are not taught this skills complement the observation that eliminati
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