Talking Back Bell hook (Key points)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Talking Back Bell Hook Since she was a girl child she was told not to speak and even punished for having an opinion However if she was the boy child she would have been encouraged to have an opinion and speak rather than discouraged Speech for a black woman was taken away Not literally since they still spoke argued yelled preached etc but they were seen as irrelevant and as back ground noise especially in comparison to the male preacherBell hook then decided to take p writing in a journal as a way to capture speech hold onto it and keep it closeAbuse was not just the punishment for talking if you were female but madness was alsoBell Hooks parents wanted her break her spirit for she would stop talking and stop writingFor black women true speaking is is not solely an expression of creative power it is an act of resistance a political gesture that challenges politics of domination that would render us nameless and voicelessBell Hook still acts like being a writer is impossible because of her past and how she is still held captive by forces of history and her family that charted a map of silenceright speech She has not completely let go of that fearThe initial act of talking back outside the home was empowering for Bell Hook It became a right of initiation test her courag
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