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Chapter 4-7

Chapter 4-7 Terms Study Guide

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Marcel Danesi

Chapter 4 Bolded Terms Totemism an element of nature that served as a symbol for a group or clan worshipped and considered holy by the members of the group Symbolic Actions the rituals, myths, arts, literature, and music that we enjoy or participate in play a role in making concrete a particular view of the world Metaphors a figure of speech in which linguistic expressions are taken from one area of experience and applied to another Domain of experience an area of experience which people borrow meaning and apply it to other areas Myth a story or narrative that portrays the meanings people give to their experience Dene Tha tribe in Alberta which believed that learning could only come from experience Adviasi view the world in a way which humans are bound in social relationship with nature and the supernatural Ethnocentric Examples Tourism comparing the relationships to the nature of North American homeowners to the Dene Tha and the Adivasis The Dene Tha believed that setting a bedtime for their children is considered an act of irresponsibility on behalf 419K05,70398ZK4L8-O4.NL3J9K0.KLO8,..08894N34ZO0J0ZK070,8L9L8,8LJ3417085438L-LOL91470:74 Canadian parents The adivasis were hunter gathers Chapter 5 Bolded Terms Sexual silence idea that you are rarely supposed to talk about sex for cultural respect purposes in Mexican families Machismo code of masculinity, requir
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