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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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Gary Coupland

Chapter 2 Speech 1 Introductory Remarks Language is about both langue or linguistic competence and parole or speaking in a meaningful or purposeful way Research on parolespeech has shown that language is a highly adaptive and contextsensitive communicative instrument2 DialogueThe role of dialogue in human social life helps to understand how verbal parole works and how it differs from langue as suggested by Mikhail Bakhtinsaw dialogue as the primary means through which people communicate meaningfully with each other The Bakhtinian concept of dialogue provides linguistics with a template for documenting and assessing how language is used for various social functions21 Didactic and philosophical functions Socrates used dialogue in the form of a questionandanswer exchange as a means for achieving selfknowledgeDialogue may be internal thought processes toowhen children talk to themselves while they play theyre engaging in investigative dialogue Plato introduced the use of dialogue in Medieval universities dialogue was a practice where two scholars took the opposed roles of respondent and opponent and discussed the solution to a problem of philosophy medicine or science In many ways we still live in the shadow of the age of print a period where the productio
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