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Annette Bickford

ANT204 – Week 2 How it Began – Felix Greene  British Empire had superior control  ¼ land surface of the world  1/5 human population  No mention of words such as exploitation, expropriation or forced labour  American Empire replaced the British Empire as the leading imperialist power  Empire: domination of one power over another  concerned with tribute or plunder of wealth  Central characteristic of modern imperialism is its emphasis on a different kind of plunder --> the pillage of other countries’ wealth through unequal trade and through investment which draws out far more wealth than it puts in  Conditions which allowed the British to develop a profitable system  The new technology of the industrial revolution  Contradiction: the capacity to expand production faster than the market can absorb it  This is due to the fact that employers take a cut of profits, wages do not match the value of what is produced and there is never sufficient funds to purchase all that is produced  Decisive market factor is consumption by individuals  The availability of an abundant supply of cheap labour  Landowners found raising sheep more profitable than renting land to tenants which led to eviction of peasants  Acts under which public of ‘common land’ w
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