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Marcel Danesi

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Preface: Geeks Goths Gangstas Preface  1956: ―world changed‖ o Elvis Presley recorded various hit singles o rock and roll arrived, provided a way for young ppl to understand themselves, connect with others also distinct from adults, became a channel for venting (esp from adolescent struggles)  ―Adolescent angst‖ (comes up a lot as ‘Angst‘) o a feeling of deep anxiety or dread o typically an unfocused one o about the human condition or the state of the world in general  Rock and roll was said to provide a temporary relief from this Angst  The mindset that was taking place in the 50‘s was that the main culture was too boring and rigid in its morals; highly prejudiced against racial differences/women/etc. o Veritable youth started to crystalize
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