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thinking through ideas.

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Marcel Danesi

Thinking Through Ideas Aloneness in Poetry and Song Lyrics p343The most common response to feelings of adolescent isolation are to write poetry or listen to music outlets for the soulThis is odd duality when someone puts pen to paper as a way to understand the troubled isolation of the individual soulPoems and song lyrics have two related function externalize pain and provide comfort for othersPoems and songs that pour out anguish of an individual is called confessionaloIt depends on the listenerPoetry has always been closely related to song and the message is as important as the mediumSimon and Garfunkel I Am a Rock Singer from the folkrock tradition popular in the 1960s and early 1970sThe song is about a recluse a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society locking himself away from the worldThroughout the song he expresses the desire to avoid emotional attachments such as pain and heartbrokenness friendship causes pain and If I never loved I never would have criedThroughout the song he expresses these imagery of being locked away or isolated as a way of escaping society and the feelings it evokes he talks about his feelings sleeping in his memory being shielded in his armor safe within my wombWhen he says I am a rock I am an island he means away from everyth
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