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Chapter 4

Chapter Four - Locomotor Adaptations Summary.docx

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Shawn Lehman

Locomotor Adaptations Pelvis  Arboreal Quadrupedalism o Femoral neck set at moderately high angle relative to shaft, enhancing abduction at hip. o Ilium is narrow and high  Terrestrial Quadrupedalism o Ilium is narrow and high  Vertical Clinging & Leaping o Ischium usually extended posteriorly rather than distally o Long ischium  Bipedalism o Ilium is broad and low o Large acetabulum due to larger femoral head o Superior border of acetabulum is reinforced to sustain pressure of bipedal walking o Inferior bored of ilium is near the auricular surface forms a greater sciatic notch o The sacrum is wide o Short iliac, broad blades o Ischium extends posteriorly o Short ischium Femur  Arboreal Quadrupedalism o Short limbs o Femoral neck set at moderately high angle relative to shaft, enhancing abduction at hip. o At knee, abduction (away from midline) of hindlimb expressed in asymmetrical size of femoral condyles & their articulating facets on top of tibia. o Femur points outward  Terrestrial Quadrupedalism o Long and straight proportional limbs  Vertical Clinging & Leaping o Short and thick Femoral Neck o Head is sometimes cylindrical in shape for simple flexion-extension movements rather than ball-&-socket o Femoral condyles are very deep o Patellar groove has pronounced lateral lip o Deep femoral condyles  Suspensory o Spherical head on highly angled femoral neck to permit extreme degrees of abduction o Broad, shallow femoral condyles and
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