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FAH101 Hagia Sophia

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University of Toronto St. George
Nikolina Kurtovic

FAH101-reading-notes created by Lavender Y. 03 The Byzantine World: The Hagia Sophia  When  332 --- Constantinople (the New Rome) founded by Constantine the Great (new seat of Roman Empire and later Byzantine Empire)  360 --- completed  404 --- 415 --- remodeled  532 --- burned in Nike Riot – rebuilt in 537, dedicated to the god of wisdom  558 --- first dome collapsed, replaced by a ribbed dome in 563  989 --- western portion of the second dome fell, repaired by Armenian architect, Trdat  1346 --- eastern second dome fell  1453 --- fall of Constantinople & repair done by Turkish conqueror (Empire Sultan Mehmed 2):  Minaret planted at four corners  Turkish mausolea around the flanks  Interior: figural mosaic, shields (verses from koran),   What: Hagia Sophia (first silica)   Where  Istanbul (Constantinople) , Turkey  Who  Jusinian: Byzantine Emperor (527 - 563), rebuilt the church of a size and lavishness hitherto unheard of  Reunited western and eastern empire; Justinian Codex (civil law); Rebuilt the city; Justinian architecture in Ravenna, Italy; early Byzantine Art;  Builders: Anthemios of Tradlles, Isidorus of Miletus architect-scientists who were skilled in a theoretical knowledge that could be applied to the practice of either engineering or building, but their architects never considered viable on large scale   Why Important  Cost: 75,000,000 p, $180000000  Thousands of workers form the world  Structural system (double shell design)  Centrally-plan
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