Chapter Three: The Cosmic Perspective

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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

ŷŵWZU WZ`[[`_[XU WZUW UWZUW_ScS [X WS^ZZYST[a`ZS`a^W`^[aYUS^WXa [T_W^bS`[ZSZV`^S SZVW^^[^W\W^WZ`_ `W [[ZTWYZ_`_[Z` U U WS_SU^W_UWZ`Z`WcW_`W^Z_ a_`SX`W^_aZ_W` [VW^ZWS_a^W_[X`WU[WV^WU` X^[SZUWZ`[T_W^bS`[Z_[X[`[ZZ`W_ `WŻVS _[X`WcWWcW^WZSWVSX`W^`W_WbWZZSWVW W[TWU`_`S`S\\WS^`[[bWS[ZY`W U[Z_`W S`[Z_`WaZ`W [[ZSZVXbW\ SZW`_ aZS^UUW ŶVS _ T[a`ŵŵVS _XWcW^`SZSUS WZVS^TS_WV[Z`WaZ ˜W`[Z UUUW ŵ WS^U U W[ZcU`WVS`W_[X aZS^\S_W_^W\WS` 4 =aZS^\S_W_^W\WS`c``W W`[ZUU U WTWUSa_Wŵ_[ S^ WS^__S [_`\^WU_W ŶŷŹ aZS^[Z`_ ŷŷW[\W^Z USZWb[a` [Z [cV V[\W^Z Ua_U[SZVW\W^USWZYW`WS^` UWZ`^WV![VW" [\W^Z Ua_ [\W^Z USZ^Wb[a` [Zu_\a^^WV`WVWbW [\WZ`[Xb^`aS S [VW^Z_UWZUWSZV`WUZ[ [Y ^WU[YZ!WV`WaU_\ W^W\ SZS`[ZX[^S\\S^WZ`^W`^[Y^SVW[`[Z[XXW^WVT SaZWZ`W^WV _ _`W V_U[bW^WV_\ WYW[W`^U^W S`[Z_\_`S`S [cWV`[US Ua S`WWSU\ SZW`#_[^T`S \W^[V S^[aZV`WaZSZV`_^W S`bWV_`SZUWX^[`WaZZ`W^_[X`WS^`aZV_`SZUW [VW #__aUUW__Z\^[bVZYSYW[W`^U S [a`X[^`W_[ S^_ _`WU[ZbZUWV`S``WaZ UWZ`W^WVVWSa_`TWU[^^WU` 4 _[VW VVZ#`c[^`S`cW SZVcS_W_`SZ``[\aT __c[^XWS^ZY`S`_ _aYYW_`[Z`S`S^`[bWVc[a VTWU[Z_VW^WVST_a^V 4 `W\^S^ \^[T WcS_`S`c WWcS_c ZY`[[bW^`a^ZS^`#_UWZ`^S \ SUWZ`W U[_[_WSVW VXS_``[`WSZUWZ`TW WX`S`WSbWZ [`[Z[UUa^Z\W^XWU`U^U W_ ºZ`WWZV_U[\ W`W[VW cS_Z[[^WSUUa^S`WSZVZ[ W__U[\ W`SZ`W `[ WSU[VW U[ \^[bWV`S``WZ[bScS_aUXS^`W^ScS `SZ`W [[Z [T_W^bWVU[W`_cW^WZ[`S\WZ[WZS[XS^`#_S`[_\W^W ZWbW^_aUUWWVWVZU[ZYa\c`S_S`_X ZYW\ SZS`[ZX[^\ SZW`S^ [`[Z cS_U[ZbZUWV`S``W\ SZW`_a_`[^T``WaZ 4 _ZST ` `[VW`WU`_`W S^\S^S S WV`[U[ZU aVW`S`S^`a_`^WSZ_`S`[ZS^ SVb[US`WVS[VW ZcU`WaZ[^T`_`WS^`c WS [`W^\ SZW`_[^T``WaZ 4 XWc\W[\ W`[[`_[VW _W^[a_ W\W^ TW WbWV`S`\ SZW`S^ [^T`__[a VTW\W^XWU`U^U W_ W[\W^ZUa_ 0W\ W^_[aY`S\ _US ^WS _`U[^T`X[^ S^_WU[a VZ[`&S_ `[ W SZV[\W^ZUa_SV V[ZW'`[ W^S`W[ZW[VW X[^`WWS_`cW_`\[_`[Z_SZVSZ[`W^X[^`WZ[^`_[a`\[_`[Z_ V_U[bW^WV`S`\ SZW`S^ [^T`_S^WZ[`U^U W_Ta`Z_`WSVS^WS_\WUS ` \W[X[bS US WVSZW \_W W [US`[Z_[X`W`c[`SU_S^WUS WV`WX[U&_ZYa S^X[Ua_'[X`WW \_W W [ZYS_[X`WW \_W_US WV`_!S#[^S$ _WSUS X[XcU_US WVS_W! !S#[^S$ _`W WZY`[X`W_WS[^S__\S^`Ua S^ \[^`SZ`ZS_`^[Z[ W_[^`S__US WV`W! Z[^S$ _ UUWZ`^ U `uVW_U^TW_[caUSZW \_WVWbS`W_X^[S\W^XWU`U^U W S `W^ZY`WV_`SZUWTW`cWWZ`W`c[X[Uc WWW\ZY`W WZY`[X_`^ZY`W_SW [aUSZ V^ScW \_W[XbS^ ZYWUUWZ`^U` S]aSZ`` `S`VW_U^TW_[caUSZW \_W__`^W`UWV[a` U[\S^WV`[S\W^XWU`U^U W U^U W_SZW \_Wc`!W^[WUUWZ`^U` SZVY^WS`W^WUUWZ`^U` WSZ_S[^WW [ZYS`WVW \_W 0W\ W^#_VWU_[Z`[`^a_``WVS`S[bW^_\^WU[ZUWbWVTW WX_S^WVSZ\[^`SZ``^SZ_`[Z \[Z`Z`W_`[^ [X_UWZUW 4 WSTSZV[ZWV\W^XWU`U^U W_ZXSb[a^[XW \_W_ _[[ZUSWa\c`S[VW `S`U[a V\^WVU`\ SZW`S^ \[_`[Z_c`XS^Y^WS`W^SUUa^SU `SZ `[ W #_S^`UWZ`W^WV[VW 0W\ W^#_[VW c`_`[[V`W`W_`[X`WSZVTWUSWSUUW\`WVZ[`[Z S_S[VW [XZS`a^WTa`S _[ S_SVWW\aZVW^ ZY`^a`ST[a`\ SZW`S^ [`[Z W\W^%_`^WWSc_[X\SZW`S^![` [Z ŵ* W\W^%_ ^_`ScÊ`W[^T`[XWSU\ SZW`S^[aZV`WaZ_SZW \_Wc``WaZS`[ZWX[Ua_* &[`ZY_S``W[`W^X[Ua_'*ºZW__WZUW`_ Sc`W _a_`S`S\ SZW`#_V_`SZUWX^[`WaZbS^W_ Va^ZY`_[^T`*º`_U [_W_`S``W\[Z`US WV\W^W [Z&X^[`W-^WWX[^ZWS^`WaZ'SZV XS^`W_`S``W\[Z`US WVS\W [Z&X^[-^WWX[^ScS X^[`WaZ'*WSbW^SYW[XS\ SZW`#_ \W^W [ZSZVS\W [ZV_`SZUW__`W WZY`[X`__WS[^S_*.Wc ^WXW^`[`__\ S_ `W\ SZW`#_SbW^SYWV_`SZUWX^[`WaZ* Ŷ* W\W^%_WU[ZVScÊS_S\ SZW`[bW_S^[aZV`_[^T``_cWW\_[a`W]aS S^WS_ZW]aS `W_* _WSZ_`W\ SZW`[bW_SY^WS`W^V_`SZUWcWZ`_ZWS^\W^W [Z`SZ`V[W_Z`W_SW S[aZ`[X`WZWS^S\W [Z*S`_`W\ SZW``^SbW _XS_`W^cWZ`_ZWS^W^`[`WaZSZV _ [cW^cWZ`_XS^`W^X^[`WaZ* ŷ* W\W^%_ ^VScÊ[^WV_`SZ`\ SZW`_[^T``WaZS_ [cW^SbW^SYW_\WWV_[TW ZY\ŊŶSŊŷ cW^W\_`W\ SZW`#_[^T`S \W^[VZ WS^_SZVS_`_SbW^SYWV_`SZUWX^[`WaZZ S_`^[Z[US aZ`_*[`UW`S``W_]aS^W[XWSU\ SZW`#_[^T`S \W^[V&\ŊŶ'_ZVWWVW]aS `[`W UaTW[X`_SbW^SYWV_`SZUWX^[`WaZ&SŊŷ'*WUSa_W0W\ W^#_`^V Sc^W S`W_S\ SZW`#_[^T`S V_`SZUW`[`_[^T`S `W&\W^[V'cWUSZa_W`W Sc`[US Ua S`WS\ SZW`#_SbW^SYW[^T`S _\WWV* WXSU``S`[^WV_`SZ`\ SZW`_[bW[^W_ [c WV0W\ W^`[_aYYW_``S`\ SZW`S^ [`[Z Y`TW`W^W_a `[XSX[^UWX^[`WaZ*0WWbWZ_\WUa S`WVST[a``WZS`a^W[X`_X[^UW YaW__ZY`S``Y`TW^W S`WV`[SYZW`_0W\ W^cS_^Y`ST[a``WW_`WZUW[XSX[^UWTa` c^[ZYZ_YaW__[XSYZW`_S XUWZ`a^ S`W^º_SSUWc`[ZXZS W\ SZWV\ SZW`S^ [`[ZS_SU[Z_W]aWZUW[XY^Sb` * [cV V(S W[_[ V X`W[\W^Z USZ^Wb[a` [Z" ^WWTS_ U[T#WU` [Z_`[[\W^Z USZb Wc* ŵ* ^_`[` WSVW V`S`S^`U[a VZ[`TW[bZYTWUSa_WX`cW^W[TW
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