BIO120H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Section 1: Transpiration, Soil Texture, Desiccation

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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Bio120: simutext physiological ecology (section 1 trade offs and species distributions) In association with lecture 15 & 16 and reading quiz 7. Physiology is study of how organisms work investigate how organisms obtain energy and nutrients necessary to survive, how they transport these resources to where they are needed inside body, and how they eliminate leftover waste products. Ecologists interested in understanding how species deal with environments and how environments restrict where species live directly affected by physiology. Physiological ecology is study of physiology in context of resources and environments available on earth. Species and communities found in different locations on earth are quite varied; each place has its own unique group of organisms. Uniqueness comes from each species being adapted to environment in which it lives. Patterns of species distribution around globe aren"t always obvious. All considerations are important, but two factors are more important for terrestrial species: temperature and moisture.