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Chapter 5

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 5 Coping with Environmental Variation EnergyToolmaking Crows A Case StudyHumans employ tools to enhance our ability to gather food to meet our energy needsFamilies of birds corvids used foodcollecting tools manufactured from plantsIntroductionEnergy is most basic requirement for all organismsOrganisms acquire energy for demands of cellular maintenance growth reproduction and survivalSources of EnergyRadiant energy light from the sun Kinetic energy associated with the motion of the molecules that make up the object hot or coldChemical energy stored in the food being consumedRadiant and chemical energy used by organisms for growth and maintenanceKinetic energy which influences rate of chemical reactions and temperature controls rate of activity and metabolic energy demand of organismsEndotherm needs to keep itself warm by burning chemical energy from its food during cellular respirationAutotrophs assimilate energy from sunlight photosynthetic organisms or from inorganic chemical compounds chemosynthetic archaea and bacteria Convert energy of sunlight or inorganic compounds into chemical energy stored in form of carboncarbon bonds typically in carbohydratesHeterotrophs organisms that obtain energy by feeding on energyrich organic compounds made by other organismsenergy originally originated from organic compounds synthesized by autotrophsDetrivores organisms that consume nonliving organic matter eg earthworms fungi
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