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Chapter 20

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July 24 2012 CHM247H1Carboxylic Acids and NitrilesCARBOXYLIC ACIDS AND NITRILESSimilar electron distribution for these two functional groups o Carbon has three bonds to a more electronegative atom O or No At least one bond of those three is abondCarboxylic acid has oneand onebond to an O onebond to the other ONitrile has oneand twobonds to an NCARBOXYLIC ACIDS IN NATURE SOME BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE NITRILES Both are aromatose inhibitors aromatose is the enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesis so these are antitumour drugs for estrogenstimulated tumours o Also found in contraceptives o Hence hormone replacement therapies can actually cause cancerNAMING CARBOXYLIC ACIDSReplace e of the parent alkane chain with oic acid o Do not need to specify location of the carboxyl group in the chain because it is a terminal functional group and is therefore always located at C1Carboxyl group COOH is the highest priority functional group in all the organic groups we cover in this course hence any compound with a carboxyl group will be named as a carboxylic acid NOTE Two carboxyl groups on either end of a carbon chain is a diacid one carboxyl group constitutes C1 the other constitutes the end C
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