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Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Willem Vanderburg

Chapter 4 & 5 – Labyrinth of Technology 1. Scientific Approach Map-Making Approach Strengths Strengths • Lots of depth • Lots of breadth Weaknesses Weaknesses • Not much breadth • Not much depth What it is What it is • abstraction of wholes • relationship between wholes 2. a) distinguish elements that interact with their surroundings in order to draw them on the map (wholes) b) distinguish between living and non-living when examining interaction between these wholes and surroundings because they are very different • living wholes o not assembled o parts are a local manifestation of the whole o biosphere flows through it constantly • non-living wholes o no part knows anything about the whole c) keep in mind purpose that the map is being created because if you put everything on the map, it would get to cluttered 3.Difficult to determine the exact influence of a specific technology on our lives, such as tv or internet o All enfolded and stuff 4. Three primary differences between living and non-living wholes: 1. the way they come into being o living wholes are never constituted from separate and independently existing parts (local manifestations of the whole) o non-living wholes are 2. the internal organization that makes this possible o design specifies its internal structure and the way its parts function together (design is relatively static for the duration of the machine) o livin
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