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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

Week1 Reading Notes The Ancient Mediterranean World Preface IXXV The value of historyHistory is a series of argument to be debated o controversy is at the heart of historical interpretations heartHistoryo provide us our identity to know the past is to know ourselves o provide us with tools for explanation and analysis o shows us the values of subjectivity and objectivityis both a form of truth and a matter of opinion o is an activityask questions o offers a rich collection of clinical reports on human behavior in various situationsthe study of history offer society help in solving problems o is relevant o is fun o is a narrative a story history is concerned foremost with major themeso is about how and why people behave as they do also patterns of thought and beliefhistoriography western biaso Europe as center o civilization conditionsSome form of governmentSome development of urban societyHuman as toolmakersSome degree of specialization of function Emergence of social classA form of literacyA concept of leisure timeA concept of a higher being A concept of timeA faculty for criticismo A common Western bias is to measure progress through technological change and to suggest that societies that show little dramatic technological change are not civilized History can only approximate the range of human behavior with some indication of its extremes and averagesHistory is about what people believe to be true 19 The First Civilizations What is HistoryHistory reflect the needs and values of our culture
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