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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Historical background of Greek mythology

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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 2Historical background of Greek mythologyThe Bronze AgeThe Stone Age gave away to the Bronze Age in Greece Crete and the Islands with a migration from the eastThese invaders were responsible for the building of the great Minoan civilization of Crete The Bronze Age is divided into three major periodsEarly Middle and Late these periods are also labeled according to geographical areasThus the Bronze Age in Crete is designated as Minoan from the tradition of King Minos for the islands the term is Cycladic the Cyclades are the islands that encircle Delos in Greece it is called Helladic Hellas is the Greek name for the countryThe late Bronze Age on the mainland the late Helladic period is also identified as the Mycenaen Age form the citadel power Mycenae dominant in Greece during this period This is the Chronology30002000 BCEarly Bronze AgeEarly Minoan Early CycladicEarly Helladic20001600 BCMiddle Bronze Age Middle Minoan Middle CycladicMiddle Helladic16001100 BCLate Bronze Age Late Minoan Late CycladicLate HelladicMinoan CivilizationThe Minoan civilization grew into maturity in the Middle Bronze Age and reached its pinnacle of greatness in the following period 16001400 BC
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