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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Zeus' rise to power: The creation of mortals

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Claesson Welsh

Chapter 4Zeus rise to powerThe creation of mortalsThe titanomachyZeus defeats his father CronusWhen Zeus has grown into maturity Cronus decided to bring up all the children that he had swallowedZeus then waged war against his father with his siblings as alliesAllied with him as well were the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes for he had released them from the depths of the earth where their father Uranus had imprisoned them Allied with Cronus were the Titans with the exception of Themis Clymene and her son PrometheusAtlas the brother of Prometheus was an important leader on the side of Cronus The struggle is said to have lasted ten yearsIn the end Cronus was conquered and the Hecatochires guarded the Titans imprisoned in TartarusAtlas was punished with the task of holding up the skyThe GigantomachyZeus defeats the Giants and TyphoeusAnother threat Zeus had to face came from giants that Earth produced to challenge the new order of the gods or that had been born when the blood from the mutilation of Uranus fell upon the ground these creatures are called Gegeneis earthbornThe fight ended with the imprisonment of the giants under the earthOne of the most vicious of the monsters who opposed Zeus was the dragon TyphoeusThe creation of MortalsThere are many versionsVery often they are the creations of Zeus alone or of Zeus and the other godsSometimes immortals and mortals spring from the same sourceA dominant tradition depicts Prometheus as the creator of man and sometimes woman is created later and separately through the designs of ZeusOvid describes the creation of the universe and animal life out of the elements of Chaos He tells about the birth of mortals depicting the superiority and lofty
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