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Perseus and the Legends of Argos

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University of Toronto St. George
Claesson Welsh

Chapter 21Perseus and the legends of ArgosHera and PhoroneusArgos was connected in history and in legend with Corinth and Thebes and the Argive sagas demonstrate the many contacts of Argos with the eastern Mediterranean notably with the Levant and EgyptWhile some of the legendary heroes are associated with a particular city of the Mycenean ArgolidArgos was the greatest center in Greece for the worship of Hera and the Heraeum the hill where Heras sanctuary stoodIn the Argive saga the first of men was Phoroneus who established the kingdom of Argos and decided in favor of Hera in the contest for the land between Poseidon and HeraIn anger Poseidon dried up the Argive riversEver after the Argive rivers have been short on water Perseus Danae and Acrisius Of the heroes of Argos first in importane though not in time is PerseusHis great grandfather Abas had twin sons Proetus and Acrisius who quarreled even before their birthAcrisius who became king of Argos itself while Proetus ruled Tiryns had no sons and only one daughter Danae an oracle foretold that her son would kill AcrisiusTo keep her from having children Acrisius shut Danae in an underground chamber in his palace but Zeus loved her and entered the chamber in the form of a shower and lay with herTheir child was Perseus and Danae kept him in the chamber for four years unknown to Acrisius until he was discovered from the noise he made when playingHe refused to believe Zeus was the father and put mother and child into a chest which he set to seaA fisherman found it and rescued themPolydectesPolydectes brother of Dictys was king of Seriphos and as Perseus grew to manhood Polydectes
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