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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Importance of being earnest y Algeron was playing piano at the beginning and asked lane if he heard y Lane has only been married once y Algeron says Lanes views on marriage seem somewhat lax pg 779 y Alg tells jack that Aunt Agusta will not approve of jack bcuz the way he and Gwendolen flirt is disgraceful y Jack is in love with Gwendolen y Alg is not romantic at all if i ever get married ill certainly try to forget the fact y Alg doesnt give his consent for Jack to marry Gwendolen and b4 he does he says Jack has to tell him and clear up Jacks situation and relationship with Cecily y Jack says C is his aunt y Alg says if she is ur aunt y does she call u uncle y Alg says Jacks name is really earnest and Jack says it the other way around jack says my name is Ernest in town and Jack in the country y Jack old Mr Thomas Cardew who adopted me when i was a lil boy made me in his will guardian to his granddaughter Miss Cecily Cardew C addresses me as her uncle from the motives of respect that u cudnt appreciate lives at my place in the country under the charge of her admirable governess miss Prism y Jack has always pretended to have a younger brother named Ernest who lives in Albany and gets in dreadful scrapes y Algthe amount of women who flirt with their husband is scandalous y Jack says if Gwen accepts him and his proposal he is going to kill his brother Ernest He encourages Alg to do the same with his invalid friend Bunbu
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