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Chapter 15

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East Asian Studies
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Chapter 15 Choson Korea In Koryo dynasty-- King Kongmin took steps to strengthened the military, expanded tax revenue, and promote Confucianism Civil King T’aejong  Strengthened the armed forces, confiscated Buddhist temple and monastery property, and created a sound fiscal base for the state King Sejong  Revised the land registration system to make it more equitable  Published books on agriculture and sericultu養蠶 to promote better yields  Reinstituted state-sponsored grain loans to peasants to tide them over the spring planting season and famine period  His legal reforms prohibited cruel punishments, allowed appeals in death penalty cases, adding penalties for masters who beat their slaves without first obtaining official permission  Tried to introduce metallic and paper currency  Most important achievements—establishment of Hall of Worthies, where scholars collected documents and published books inventing an alphabe
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