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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mart Gross

Chapter 3Where Is the Worlds Biological Diversity Found Most speciesrich environments appear to be tropical rain forests and deciduous forests coral refs large tropical lakes and perhaps deep sea o Tropical forests due to abundance of insects but also birds mammals amphibians and plantso Coral reef and deep sea diversity is spread over a much broader range of phyla and classes Contain representatives of 28 of 35 animal phyla that exist today rd13 of these phyla only exist in the marine environmento Tropical lakes have rapid evolutionary radiation of fishes and other species in a series of isolated productive habitats o Freshwater diversity found in complex river systems with individual species having restricted distribution Temperate communities characterized by Mediterranean climate of moist winters and got dry summers has many unique plant species because of geological age complex site characteristics and severe environmental conditions Diversity in ocean due to great age enormous water volumes isolation of certain seas by intervening landmasses the stability of the environment and specialization on parti
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