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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mart Gross

Chapter 8 Vulnerability to Extinction Species are considered rare ifSpecies most vulnerable to extinction 1 Live in narrow geographical range 1 Narrow geographic range 2 Occupy one or few specialized 2 Only one or few populations habitats 3 Small populations 3 Found only in small populations4 Declining population size5 Are being hunted or harvested bypeople Endemic Species and ExtinctionEndemismidea that some species are found naturally in a single geographical are and no other placeExpansion of an endemic species geographical distribution is caused deliberately or accidently by humans not considered part of the species natural distributionNeoendemicsspecies that occupy a small area because they have only recently evolved from closely related species Paleoendemicsancient species whose close relatives have all gone extinctSpecies Most Vulnerable to ExtinctionIdentifying characteristics of extinctionprone species allows conservation biologists to anticipate the needs of vulnerable species even with data lacking Species with a narrow geographical rangespecies that occur in one or few sites in a restricted geographical range if that whole range is affected by human activity the species may become extinct
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