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General chapter summaries for Neuromancer by William Gibson

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Mike Johnstone

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William Gibson, "Neuromancer"
9:21 PM
Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
Case in in Chiba, Japan
Case is a drug addict; a former 'console cowboy' his brain has been damaged to
prevent him from 'jacking in' to cyberspace because he stole from the company he
worked for
Linda Lee tells Case that Wage is looking to kill him to get his money back
Wage was not trying to kill Case
Linda steals Case's RAM to sell
Introduced to Julius Deane (pg 12); tells Case that Wage is not looking to kill him
Molly arrives to take him to Armitage (by force)
Chapter 2
Case meets Armitage, who offers to fix Case's brain if he agrees to work for him
oCase is altered in other ways: his blood is changed; pancreas and liver are
changed so he cannot get high off of amphetamines
Screaming Fist (28) --> an operation that tried to burn a Russian nexus (Kirensk
computer) with a virus program (The Mole), it failed, only one group escaped
ICE --> Intrusion countermeasure electronics
Case and Molly getting romantically involved?
Case goes to see Julius Deane to try and get information on Armitage, whose
background is ambiguous; Deane is pointing a gun at Case the entire time and has
little information on Armitage
Deane reveals more about Screaming Fist --> "Watergated"; apparently just to test
technology; they knew about the Russian defenses but sent in a team anyways
Case and Molly go to see some fights at Sammi's; Case didnt want to go
Someone tries to take out Case as he sees and follows Linda Lee
oLinda was killed because it was easier to kill her than pay for the RAM she
stole from Case
oApparently friends of Julius Deane had been sent to take him out
Chapter 3
Case jacks in for the first time since his neural disablement (at some point;
Armitage tells Case that he is obligated to complete the mission because toxin sacs
have been attached to his neural system that are gradually decaying, and w/o the
enzyme provided by Armitage, Case will return to the damaged state he was found in)
Introduced to the Finn; works as the tech for their team
Molly and Case discuss the mystery behind what they're being hired to do; to break
into the Sense/Net to steal the Dixie Flatline construct
Molly and Case become allies
Molly is set up with a simstim (allows Case to see/feel/hear from her body without
having to jack out of the matrix)
Chapter 4
Molly is trying to penetrate the Sense/Net headquarters in Atlanta to steal the Dixie
Flatline construct (nickname for McCoy Pauley), assisted remotely by Case interfering
with Sense/Net's security software, the two of them linked by the broadcast network
created and run by the Panther Moderns.
Panther Moderns are a terrorist group (pg 58) that wear camouflage/chameleon
oLeader is Lupus Yonderboy (pg 67)
Lupus has a message for Case: "Wintermute"
Chapter 5
Case gives Molly the 'Wintermute' message
They go see the Finn
Finn tells them that Wintermute is a recognition code for an AI; that this AI is
backing Armitage; located in Berne
Since AI's dont have autonomy, they think that they company who created it,
Tessier-Ashpool, is behind it
Mystery surrounding Tessier-Ashpool:
oSmith had been given a computer head by Jimmy, a thief; the head was
commissioned by Tessier-Ashpool
oHe was trying to find out more information about Tessier-Ashpool
oSmith was then visited by a Japanese man who wanted the head back, paid
Smith out of a Swiss account; Jimmy was dead a few days later
Tessier-Ashpool owns almost all of Freeside
Molly has found that Armitage has a data base in London; Case gets to work on
cracking it with the help of the Dixie Flatline personality construct
Chapter 6
Armitage's data base is filed under the name of Colonel William Corto
William Corto had been training for the Screaming Fist project
He returns home blind, legless, missing most of his jaw
A Congressional aide wanted him to testify, because Screaming Fist was ripe for
oAide wanted to have Corto undergo surgery to regain his missing parts first
oCorto's testimony was "...instrumental in saving the careers of three officers
directly responsible for the suppression of reports on the building of the emp
installations at Kirensk" (83)

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