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A Maurice

Chapter 12 Writing a Film Essay: Observations, Arguments, Research, and Analysis  critical objectivity  writing with a detached response that offers judgments based on facts and evidence with which others would, or could, agree  film review  a short essay that describes the plot of a movie, provides useful background information (about the actors and the director, for example), and pronounces a clear evaluation of the film to guide its readers  analytical essay  the most common kind of writing done by film students and scholars, distinguished by its intended audience and the level of its critical language  character analysis  a formal topic, concentrating its argument on a single character or on the interactions between more than one character  narrative analysis  a formal topic that concentrates on the story and its construction  stylistic analysis  offers a wide variety of topics that engage the formal arrangements of image and sound, such as shot composition, editing, and the use of sound  comparative analysis  an analysis evaluating features or elements of two or more different films, or perhaps a film and its literary sou
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