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The Belle's Stratagem

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Terry Robinson

The Belles StratagemRevolves around marriage and how women strive to overcome the injustices imposed by family life and social customDoricourt returns from Europe to meet Letitia who he is betrothed toHe thinks shes ok but not as elegant as European womenShe doesnt want to marry without love so she asks her father Mr Hardy and a widow Mrs Racket to turn Doricourt off the weddingShe suggests they pretend that she is an unmannerly hoyden a boisterous girlDoricourts friend Sir George is being overprotective of his new wife Lady FrancesShe rebels and agrees to accompany Mrs Racket for a day in the town and a masquerade ball at nightWhile out at an auction Lady Frances Married to Sir George Doricourts friend meets the rake CourtallCourtall brags to his friend Saville that he will seduce Lady FrancesLetitia Hardys acting is succeeding in dissuading Doricourt from wanting to marry herThat night there is a masqueradeLetitia shows off her charms and bewitches Doricourt then leaves before he can find out who she isCourtall is disguised the same way as Sir George and lures the lady he thinks is Lady Frances back to his houseSaville has replaced the real La
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