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Andre Sorensen

Ch-11 Race, Class and environment City is at center of social environment dialectic that connects the environmental and political Urban environment and race: - Toxic facilities are concentrated in minority dominated areas of city, major infrastructure projects with negative env impacts – urban motorways commonly found in minority neighborhoods - Greatest number of commercial hazard facilities were located in area with highest composition of racial and ethnic minorities - Ex. Of Chester, Philadelphia – manufacturing center with steel mills, shipyards, aircraft engines, Ford plant – deindustrialization, erode manufacturing, firms closed, workers left, town’s population became poor - Eager to lure tax-generating facilities, city government sought to redevelop old factories sites, attract business and jobs, tax revenues – local communities had limited power - Real estate developers bought land and leased space to business that permitted city to have 3 waste cites in city and 2 outside – largest concentrations of waste facilities – trash transfer business, incinerator, medical waste sterilizing facility, contaminated soil burning facility, rock crush plant and wastewater plant from factories and refinery – toxic emissions – low birth rates, high cancer rates - Vulnerable and poor residents were dumped – effect was obvious, intent was difficult to prove – cost benefit from these industries weighed our health of residents - Immigrants, migrants and minority communities develop around toxic areas because of operation of housing market – poorest gest the least choice, end up in worst neighborhoods - Race-ethnicity intertwine with issue of power, play major role in mobilization – in US, conflict over solid waste landfill, lead smelter, solid waste incinerator – race can become site of mobilization, shared experience – to build resistance and fight against environmental justice Urban environments and socioeconomic status: - Plays a major role in environmental quality, poorer communities have less pleasant urban environment and
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