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Chapter 10

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Charles Z Levkoe

Chapter 10 Unit 5: Countryside Chapter 10: Rural Worlds o Rural comes from a geographical and social sense o Most recent work in rural geography, in the Anglo/America/Australasian (AAA) sought to show the rural world o This chapter discusses rural terms 10.1 Words and worlds: what is 'rural'? o There are conceptual and social constructs of the term o There are political economy and more recent cultural approaches o Conceptual definitions are important and obscure 10.2 changing rural geographies o Rural geographies is the study of the relationship between humans and the environment o Early geographies paid attention to rural areas o The early AAA traditions are based on political-economic concepts o Then there was globalization which neoliberalism o neo-Marxist and world systems perspectives o Postmodern ideas that are socially constructed o Political economy: rural studies is an important challenge 10.3 Shifting rural worlds o Rural worlds between rural and urban spaces around the word o Consider the global North and global South are summarized through modernization 10.3.1 Dynamic rural demographics o Urbanization: there are agriculture combined with the rolling out of neoliberalism o Depopulation: countryside has the universal trend o Africa and A
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