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GGR107H1 Chapter Notes -Slow Food

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Charles Z Levkoe

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12-05-27 6:24 PM
6.2 Culinary journeys: contrasting cultures of food consumption
Food retailers have a lot of power over what we eat
Food choices are influenced by products that are heavily advertised
Fast food: is becoming available worldwide and offers a quick solution
towards food
6.2.1 Culinary journey 1: Fast food culture
Fast food is becoming part of consumer cultures
Ritzer says that McDonalds has offers efficiency, calculability (costs is cheap
based on portion size), predictability (products will be the same every time),
control (exerted all over the world)
6.2.2 Culinary journey 2: slow food culture
Slow food was created in Italy during mid-1980s because there was the first
McDonald opening
Cultural connections: surrounding local cuisines and traditional product
Slow food was meant to slow down the consumption of fast food
It was used to recognize the importance of cultural and typical foods