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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Hicham Saffiedine

The Ottoman and Safavid Empires Ottoman Empire  Gaza: warfare against non-Muslims for the purpose of extending the domains of Islam o Mainly tribal forces  Islamic empires o Shari’ah judges o Institutions of learning  Osman o Ruler of a gazi o Captured the city of Bursa  Struck his own coin to mark independent authority  Constantinople (Istanbul) o Captured by Sultan Mehmet II o Monumental religious structures and palaces o Dominated the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean  Occupied Rhodes, Cypres, and Crete o Captured Cairo in 1517  Islamic leaders o Assumed the important duty of ensuring the security of the annual pilgrimage  Red Sea Fleet  Heterogeneous Society o Provincial governors had a great deal of autonomy  Had to collect tax from the reaya (ruled)  Satisfy its citizens  Armed Forces o Devshirme  Young Christian males w
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