Mason's Handbook: Part Two

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

Wednesday September 2811Mediaeval Middle Eastern CeramicsR MasonMasons Handbook Part TwoPottery DescriptionsBody typically select from Earthenware Stoneware Porcelain Stonepaste Faience etcMunsell Colour always make note of the conditions under which the munsell color reading was taken ie lighting and the nature of the selection freshly broken cut etc Record the core and the margins if different from the surfaceGeneral Fabric DescriptionsFracture refers only to the core matrix and not inclusions Use would fracture instead of texture Typical fracturesConchoidal will have vitreous body like porcelainEven fine featureless surfaceIrregular appears coarser unevenness usually less than 1mm on a 10cm thickness sectionHackle appears very coarse unevenness greater than 1mm on a 10cm thickness sectionHardness given that pottery is a heterogenous material the issue of fabrics hardness is problematic Sufficient to use general classificationsVery soft being easily gouged by a bald ie Mohs 3 or lowerSoft being scratched by a blade ie Mohs 45
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