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Ronniede Sousa

- In ancient Greece, wage labor was stigmatized because of the financial self-interest of the person doing the job (413) - Prostitution is like factory work in that both workers face health risks, but legalizing and regulating factory work would reduce these risks for the prostitute while there are certain jobs that will always hurt factory workers (416) - The prostitute may also have more control over her work than the factory worker and must have some type of skills to perform her job well (416) - The prostitute may be subject to violence that the factory worker will not be subject to, but legalization can reduce this problem (416) - There is also a lot of stigma about prostitution while there isn’t as much for factory workers, and prostitution also invades a woman’s private space and perpetuates negative stereotypes (416) - In domestic service, like prostitution, one is hired by a client and must do what he says or fail at the job (416) - Both jobs lack autonomy and both require physical skills (417) - There is very little respect for either position, and both positions are at risk of physical violence (417) - Both jobs are economically and racially coded (417) - The prostitute and the nightclub singer are similar because they both use their bodies to provide pleasure and the customer’s pleasure is their primary goal (417) - The prostitute and the professor both provide bodily services in areas that are generally thought to be especially intimate and definitive of selfhood (418) - The prostitute takes money for sex and the professor takes money for writing about her thoughts, both of which are very intimate (418) - The fact that we don’t think the professor alienates her mind or turns her thoughts into commodities by getting paid for them should make us think about drawing these conclusions about the prostitute (418) - The only differences between prostitution and other, more acceptable professions is that prostitution is held up to be immoral and perpetuating the gender hierarchy (420) - People committed to the gender hierarchy view the control of women over their own sexuality as a threat to male domination, so pros
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