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Chapter 3

POL101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Tvs Television Network, Liberal Democracy, Human Capital

Political Science
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Chapter 3
The Democratic Recession
- 1999 military overthrew Pakistani’s constitutional democracy after a decade
of deepening political corruption
- Single most serious reverse in the third wave
- Largest country to breakdown since 1974
- Military was praised for saving the state
- Causes for breakdown a) justice system and rule of law had deteriorated b)
country was polarized along ethnic and religious lines= violence c) economic
failure and injustice
Third wave reversals all 3 governments derive revenue from oil experts
- Yeltsin presidency concentrated power eventually failed in his 2nd term when
he then turned his position in his political party power to Putin who won the
- But Putin ruthlessly centralized power by eliminating elected heads in
legislature and then forcing owners of mass media into exile
- Since the seizure in 2003 of the TVS television network, Russia now only has
media networks controlled by the government
- Putin has gone on to fraudulently imprison wealthy business men,
journalists, and anyone standing in his way
- He has ordered the abolishment of popular election of governors in 89
regions of Russia
- when oil priced declined in the 1980s the living standard decreased
- Chávez spread around more cash buying up support and undermining civil
society in the face of political trouble
- in 2003 the election was rigged by issuing 10 million voter cards, opposition
voters were denied registration, local government elections were prevented
- instead of local governments, 36 governors from Obasanjo’s party were
appointed caretakers of local committees
- the danger of voting eventually discouraged people from voting in an already
rigged election
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