POL203Y1 Chapter Notes -The Federalist Papers

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11 Apr 2012
POL203Y1: U.S. Government and Politics September 29th, 2011.
The Federalist Papers #44: Restrictions on the Authority of the Several
Federalist Paper #44
States are prohibited from printing bills of credit because some of them have
acted irresponsibly in distributing paper money, and have put the financial
situation of the entire nation in danger
States are restricted from certain types of law making that not only hurt the rights
of the ppl but also create instability that can be harmful to republican gov’t
States are also restricted from levying imposts, and this has already been
addressed as part of the necessity of the central gov’t to regulate foreign trade
The authority of the central gov’t to make all other laws necessary to carry out its
other powers is one of the most criticized clauses in the constitution, but it is a
crucial part of the document and it brings power to it
If the legislative branch oversteps its authority under authority of this clause, the
executive and judicial branches have the authority to check that power
The Constitution is stated to be the supreme law of the land
If this had not been the case, the new Constitution would have been just as
ineffective as the old w/ no authority to act as a superior power to the unified
Some state constitutions do not explicitly recognize the authority of the central
gov’t, and this statement makes that recognition obvious
Finally, because the state constitutions are so different from each other, this
statement allows for an easy resolution to conflicting state laws
Critics have wondered why the state officials must take an oath to support the
Constitution, while the federal officials are not required to support the state
This is because the federal officials will have no responsibility for enforcing the
state constitutions
No part of the U.S. Constitution grants an improper amount of power for
accomplishing the goals of the union
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