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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Chapter 4Political Perspectives on the World EconomyIFIInternational Financial Institution Critics argue world economy is unfair unstable and unsustainablePolarization of wealth North is richSouth is poorbottom billion absolute povertyInternational Political Economy IPEoThe study of the politics behind the economic relations among peoples and nations in order to assess their relative wealth and powerCrimean war 185456 London banks gave loans to the Russian gvt even though they were at warRealists characterize IPE as low politics rather than high politics Ascendance of political economic issues in global politics is cause byoIncreasing global interdependence oThe decline of the US economyoThe rise of other state economicsoThe rise of multinational corporations MNCsoThe oil shock Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPECoEuropean integrationoGrowing awareness of global disparities oCollapse of the soviet unionRealist Approach to IPEState is the most important actor in international economic affairsRelative gains Whether state A gained wealth relatively more greater than state BZerosum competitionMNCs or NGOs dont really have influence or power because they op
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