Problmes of Democracy

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Political Science
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Lecture 5 October 18 2010 Problems of Democracy Rules of the gamey Democracy are structured by the rules of the game they are distinct usually written down and codified rules of the game y There are rules how the elections ho w runand determined how old and when you can vote y There are laws how the laws function y It is the rule of the law as the pose to the rule of men y Democracies are predictable Managing diversityy Democracy seems to do a better job diversely y Democracy as a form of government is much better managing diversityy It moderates its radicalism it allows us to have a political system to manage diversity Institutionalized uncertaintyy We never know what will be next outcome of the next electionVariations of democracy y Democracies are different around the world y The presidential system is different in us compare to Canada y There is no sense of one model of democracy every democracy is structured by rules but by different sets of rules Equality y The core characteristics or the core principal of democracy is equality 1 Equality of opportunity democratic process the citezn to vote y Political equality y Procedural democracy the processes of democracy the more perfect democracy that has the constitutional democracy that apply to every individual that everyone enjoys y Polyarchy Robert Dahl
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