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Dinan Chapter 2, Uncertain Terrain, 1958-1972 -it is argued de Gaulle was the reason for stagnating integration in the 60’s and 70’s, however he is responsible or creating the CAP, without it there would not have been an EC -at Hague Summit of 1969 leaders endorsed the slogan “completion, deepening, enlargement” France, Germany, and European Integration th -Colonial wars afthr WWII led to the fall of the 4 Republic and the creation of the 5 under de Gaulle with a strong president, Monnet recognized this as being important for the EC -de Gaulle’s financial and monetary reforms in France also were equally important for the success of the EC -de Gaulle wanted to industrialize and modernize France and he saw the need especially to do so in the agriculture sector -in November 1959, Britain formed the EFTA with Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland -de Gaulle and Adenauer realised Franco-German relations were key for the EC to
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