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Kristie Dukewich

Understanding Statistics Chapter 4 PSY201  Measures of Central Tendency  The Arithmetic Mean  The sum of the scores divided by the number of scores  Sensitive to the exact value of all the scores in the distribution  Sensitive to extreme scores  The sum of the deviation about the mean equals zero, or Σ(i- ) = 0  Equations (both the same!)  Mean of sample  =  = “X-bar”  Mean of population set of scores  μ =  μ = “mew”  The sum of the squared deviations of all of the scores about their mean is a minimum, or Σ(X-i) is a minimum  Of the measures used for central tendency, the mean varies the least subject to sampling variation in most cases  To multiply many means of different samples:  overall =  The Median  The scale value below of which 50% of the scores fall. Therefore, it is the same thing as P50  Less sensitive than the mean to extreme scores, but more subject to sampling variability than the mean but less than the mode (in most cases)  The Mode  The most frequent score in the distribution  Measures of Central Tendency and Symmetry  The Range  The distance between the highest and lowest scores in the distribution  Range = Highest score – lowest
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