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Chapter 2

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Dan Dolderman

PSY 220 CH2The Methods of Social PsychologyExperiment with sending letters to employers where the candidate admitted to manslaughter Southerner employers were more open to itWhy Do Social Psychologists do Research And Why Should You Want to Read About itOur opinions about why people behave as they do can be mistakenHindsight bias Peoples tendency to be overconfident about whether they could have predicted a given outcomeHow Do Social Psychologists Test IdeasWide variety of methodsHypotheses A prediction about what will happen under particular circumstancesTheory A body of related propositions intended to describe some aspect of the worldTheories often have empirical data as support and have made accurate predictionsBalance theory is that people like to have consistent thoughts and behaviours and will do substantial mental work to achieve this consistencyObservational ResearchSimplest level of research is observationalParticipant observation involves observing some phenomenon at close rangeExperiment living with middleclass and workingclass to see school preparations Middleclass families were more prepared and it showed in marksArchival ResearchResear
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